First Visit

Dr. Long offers a complimentary initial consultation. To answer all of your questions and determine your specific needs, the initial consultation includes two orthodontic X-rays, a review of your dental history, and a thorough examination. This appointment information provides Dr. Long complete understanding of your case and the necessary information to develop a treatment plan for proper correction.

At this appointment, Dr. Long will advise whether or not orthodontic treatment is recommended, determine when orthodontic treatment should begin, and present the treatment options available.

You will also meet with our treatment coordinator to discuss types of braces and aligners and to discuss our convenient payment options. If you have insurance, we can also assist you with filing your claim form.

The initial consultation usually takes about 45 minutes. If you decide to start treatment, orthodontic records can be taken the same day. The records consist of impressions and photographs of your face and teeth. After the records are taken, you will be given an appointment to have your braces placed.

You may access the following forms to assist us with your care. Please print and fill out the desired form, then bring it to your appointment.

Download New Child Patient Form
Download New Adult Patient Form